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ILSW has received valuable input from parents, countless medical staff, St. Charles County Health Department, the CDC and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). We have considered all input, especially focusing on the input from medical professionals to develop our plan for the 20-21 academic year. Our Board of Directors and the MLT has approved and supports this plan.


  • We are Anchored when we trust in the Lord. Hebrews 6:19


  • A cure or vaccine for COVID-19 may not happen during the 20/21 school year.


  • There are ILSW families that want their child(ren) in school full time.


  • There are ILSW families that want an alternative to in-person instruction for an undisclosed amount of time.


  • There may be changing guidance/requirements from local health and government officials that will dictate our decisions and flexibility.


  • There is a chance that the entire school would at some point have to go back to remote learning at any time. This is of course not the goal, but may be a reality.


  • Someone from school will contract COVID-19.


  • Face-to-face school is the best mode of education for children.


  • Physical (not social) distancing, hand washing/sanitizing, and face coverings reduce disease transmission (only when worn properly).


  • It is impossible to eliminate risk, rather we seek to reduce risk with reasonable steps.


  • No plan will completely satisfy all students, families, and staff.


Goals for the 20/21 School Year

  • Keep our families, children and staff members safe 


  • Minimize, but not eliminate risk


  • Be flexible and willing to adapt


  • Continue exceptional teaching practices


  • Love one another and have grace


Mitigation Strategies

  • Enhanced Sanitation Measures (high touch surfaces cleaned with electrostatic spray and/or bleach solution as recommended by the CDC)


  • Enhanced Distancing Measures


  • Eliminating normal passing periods. When classes are migrating, classes will be organized to maximize distance in the hallways.


  • Implementing one way, hallways


  • Removing unnecessary classroom furniture to maximize distance between desks.


  • Suspending large gatherings such as assemblies and weekly chapel (chapels will be streamed in the classrooms and at home)


  • Limiting non essential traffic on campus. One parent per child may enter the building with a mask after taking their own temperature at home.  We are trying to limit parents in the building to Early Childhood families.  Our elementary students, in particular 2nd-8th grade, should walk in unaccompanied. 


  • Vendors, meetings, and tutors are by appointment only and must be approved. Zoom conferencing or phone calls will be used in most meeting instances.


  • Use of plexi-glass dividers when appropriate


  • Lunch will be eaten in the classroom 


  • Frequent handwashing with soap and water


  • All staff will be supplied with masks and face shields


  • Recess will be scheduled for one grade level at a time


  • Online learning materials provided for all core subjects


  • Students will have masks in their possession at school



Enhanced Safety

  • Parents must perform a temperature check on all children right before leaving home for school.  Any child with a temperature of 99.9 or over will not be allowed to attend school until they are fever and symptom free for 72 hours.


  • Unfortunately, if there is a situation where a student is knowingly sent to school medicated to suppress a fever and it is discovered by the school staff, it will be reported immediately to administration and family enrollment will be addressed.


  • The school will perform an additional temperature check upon arrival to the classroom and again mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Anytime a student reports not feeling well, their temperature will also be taken. 


  • All students must have a mask available to them at school. Masks were a part of their supply list.


  • Staff will be provided a face shield and a mask.


  • All classrooms have foaming hand sanitizer units


  • All students will stay in the student cohort except for 5th-8th grade electives.


  • Students will start the year by eating in their classrooms with their student cohort.


  • Recesses are scheduled where only one grade level at a time is on the playground.


  • Frequent and proper hand washing will be enforced.


  • Utilizing classroom technology and new procedures to limit the student sharing of materials.


  • There will be no community classroom supplies.  Students will have their own pencils, crayons, markers, etc.


  • ILSW will continue to communicate and partner with health officials and medical experts.


  • Utilizing touchless bottle fillers only and not using regular drinking fountains.


General Guidelines

  • Staff will be provided both a mask and a face shield.


  • Screening of temperatures will occur before attendance is taken.


  • Symptomatic individuals on campus will be isolated and sent home.  


  • While instructing in the classroom, teachers may use mask, shield, or plexiglass barrier (or all of the above!).


  • Face coverings are required by all parents/guardians dropping off in the morning.  Only 1 parent per student will be allowed in the building.  We are asking that you please do not come in the building if you do not have an early childhood student (Preschool-First Grade)


  • Parents dropping off must take a one way entrance to the classroom, drop off the child and quickly leave. We are asking that this only happen in the Early Childhood setting. 


  • All students will be walked to their car for dismissal or sent to aftercare.  Physical distancing practices must be used when waiting for your student outside at dismissal, masks are encouraged.  No parents are allowed in the building at dismissal.  Once you have your student, return to your car.  


  • Teachers will oversee the sanitizing of classroom surfaces between classes (when applicable)


  • No large student assemblies including chapel.


  • When a student or staff member reports a positive test result, they will be required to quarantine for 10 days or until a doctor’s note releases them to return.  If the CDC amends this time period, ILSW will follow their recommendation.


  • A student exhibiting symptoms must be symptom free for 72 hours without the use of medication prior to being allowed to return to school.


  • If a family member residing in the same home as an ILSW student tests positive, the family will quarantine as directed by their physician.  The school must be notified by the family.


  • When a student who has been attending school in-person, reports a positive test, the school will take the necessary steps to ensure comprehensive disinfection.​

  • Students using remote instruction will not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities or before and after care.

  • School families will be informed of any positive tests while honoring the privacy of the individual.

  • Students will not be allowed to gather in lobbies and hallways but will be required to go straight to classrooms

  • Teachers shall keep seating charts keeping physical distancing per American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.

  • Microwaves will not be accessible for lunch

  • Lunch will be eaten in the cohort classroom

  • Students will have recess with their grade level only. All recesses will be scheduled so that all classes have an equal availability to the playgrounds.

  • Students must have a face covering at school at all times. 

  • Students may wear a face covering at any time.

  • Students must follow one way in and one way out signs in the building

  • Attendance will be taken for learning outcomes only.  There will be no perfect attendance acknowledged during the pandemic.


Lunch/Food Guidelines

  • All students will eat in their classrooms until further notice.

  • All student hot lunches will be delivered to the classroom 

  • Microwaves are not available for student use.


  • Home lunches must enter the building with the child. (Of course there will be grace shown as everyone makes mistakes, but students shouldn’t make it a habit of forgetting lunch and have parents bring it to school as we are trying to limit traffic into our building.)​


  • Any classroom party will be organized by the teacher. At this time, parties will be attended by students and the teacher only.  Prepackaged items are the only snacks that may be sent to school for a teacher organized party.  


  • At this time, birthday treats are not allowed until further notice.  


Before and After Care protocol

  • Preschool aged children in before and after care will be grouped together in a preschool classroom.  We will practice the same COVID-19 precautions as we are doing in the classroom setting.  This includes hand washing, sanitizing, temperature checks upon arrival to before and after care, and distancing when possible.


  • Before and after care for K-8 students will take place in the cafeteria.  Students will be grouped according to their grade levels in before and after care.   We will practice the same COVID-19 precautions as we are doing in the classroom setting.  This includes hand washing, sanitizing, temperature checks upon arrival to before and after care, and distancing when possible.


  • The person dropping off and/or picking up preschoolers-8th graders in before or after care must wear a mask in the building.  Only one adult is allowed to accompany a before or after care student into the building.


  • Individual, pre-packaged snacks will be offered to students, in after care only, once  students are checked in and settled and proper hand washing has taken place.


  • Students will be allowed to bring their breakfast to before care.  Students will be distanced from one another while eating and tables will be sanitized and hand washing procedures will be in place.



Remote Learning Plan for K-8

As we plan for Immanuel Wentzville to re-open, we do realize that there are K-8 families within our community that need or desire to continue with remote learning for their child(ren). The plan outlined below is what remote learning will look like for families making this choice. Please read through the information provided and make the best decision for your family.


If you decide this option is best for your child(ren), there is a link to a digital application and

agreement at the end of this section.  Please be advised that this plan is available on a quarterly basis.  If you choose remote learning for the start of school, your child will learn remotely for the entire first quarter with the option to attend in-person the 2nd quarter or to continue learning remotely.


Chromebooks and Recordings

K-8 students opting for remote learning will be equipped with a rental Chromebook device (if they do not already have one).  A deposit of $100 will be required to rent a device.  This deposit will be returned in part or full at the return of the device depending on the condition of the Chromebook.  


We will be using Pro Stream webcams from Amcrest to record and stream lessons.  These tools will allow teachers to record lessons throughout the day and save them. The videos will then be uploaded to Google Classroom.  Video length will vary by subject and lesson. It will be important that students focus while watching these videos in their entirety, as assignments will be based on the discussion and instruction that occurs throughout these videos.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the learning management system we will utilize in Grades K - 8 as it is a tool that our students are already familiar with and use regularly.  It also integrates with GSuite for Education, Chromebooks, and existing account securities already in place at ILSW.

Teachers will post video instruction, lessons, assignments, and activities in Google Classroom. This platform will also allow students to submit work digitally for teacher feedback and grading.


Video Instruction and Recordings

The time it takes a student to complete daily work at home will vary depending on the student.

However, since the instruction is based on recordings of live classroom instruction, please

understand that it will look more like a typical full school day.  Because of this, it may  take them longer than the distance learning they did during 4th the quarter of the 19/20 school year.


Remote Learning Support

Daily from 12:30-2:30, support from our resource teachers, Mrs. Stolin and Ms. Backs, will be available.  This support can come in the form of a Zoom conference call or an email through Google classroom.  The classroom teacher will only be able to answer questions after school as they will be teaching throughout the day, not during school hours.



Student textbooks and workbooks will be compiled and sent home if needed. We have however converted some subject areas to online books. Any extra materials, books, or handouts will be available for pick-up either at Open House or at a time arranged by the classroom teacher.


As teachers plan throughout the school year, worksheets outside of the workbooks or Google classroom may be assigned. We do anticipate that families choosing remote learning will have to pick up copies on a weekly basis in the lower grades. This time will also provide an opportunity to pick up manipulatives or other items at school that are needed. Pick up days will be scheduled each week and video recordings will be uploaded by the teacher as soon as possible (if you do not watch them live).  Your child will see the new recordings in Google Classroom.


School Supplies

Classroom teachers will communicate if any items on the School Supply list can be skipped

for remote Learning.

Remote learners will need the following additional items supplied by the parent in the house:

- Reliable internet connection

- A device for each student in the household to complete work (no phones or iPod Touches).

- Kindergarten - 8th Grade: a Chromebook, tablet with keyboard, or laptop (a school device can be loaned with a deposit)



Grading will be based on the same requirements and expectations of in-school assignments and assessments. See Student Handbook for more information.  


Remote learners will be expected to hand in work in the same time frame as in person learners.  If your child is learning remotely due to illness, please refer to our illness policy in the handbook for turning in missed work.


Attendance and Schedule

Daily check-in with a teacher and daily completion of assignments will be required for attendance.  Missing that check-in and/or not completing work for the day will result in a child being marked absent.  Again, attendance is taken for remote learning outcomes.  There will be no perfect attendance acknowledged during the pandemic.


*Please note that it is very important and more beneficial for students completing school at home to have a set schedule to complete school work during the day.


Extra-curricular Activities

Students using remote instruction will not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities or before and after care.


Parent Support

As we saw with the 4th quarter of remote learning last school year, parent support will be needed.  One way this can be done is providing a set work space in a common area of the house (i.e. kitchen, office, etc.).


The amount of support will vary by grade level. Students in grades K-2 will need parents to be

more present; providing help and guidance while students work. We recommend for students in

Grades 3- 8 that a parent be present in the room to see that students are on task and helping as



While we do want parent support, we also ask that parents be conscious of the level of support

that should be provided on assessments. It is appropriate to read or explain a question. However, talking through or leading them in their answer would not be appropriate. We want quizzes and tests to be a true assessment of what the child has learned.


Student Help and Support

There will be planned time with ILS teachers for check-in, support, guidance and administering

assessments. More details of how and when this will be provided will come from your child’s

classroom teacher. We want to research more best practices for supporting our Remote Learners while continuing with full time in-class instruction in the upcoming weeks.


Tuition will be the same for families selecting remote learning option as it is for on-site learning. This will assist in purchasing all the same materials for students, paying classroom teacher salaries, funding the purchase of additional technology equipment, and potentially adding staff to assist with helping remote learners if deemed necessary by the principal.


Preschool will not offer a remote learning option unless we are forced to close by an act of the government.  If we are mandated to close, we will provide remote learning via SeeSaw and remote learning packets.  Tuition will continue during this time.


If your preschooler cannot attend due to COVID-19 illness, learning supplements will be provided to keep your child on track until he/she is cleared to return.


To Apply for K-8 Remote Learning - Click Here

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